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Proleum – Pipe Supports

MINPROVISE offers Pipe Supports through Proleum, a wholly owned MINPROVISE company catering to the oil and gas, energy, and infrastructure sectors.


Proleum has launched the Prosupport brand which are Australian engineered and manufactured at our facility in Welshpool, Western Australia. They are designed and manufactured for a full range of applications, including LNG, Refining, Power Generation and Water.

In addition to our standard designed pipe supports we manufacture to client specific designs and details. We can source and fabricate from a large range of exotic material and supply a full range of insulation materials for hot and cold applications.

Prosupport’s range of Pipe Supports includes, but is not limited to:

    • Insulated u-bolts and saddles
  • Hanger assemblies, components and forgings
  • Pipe clamps and insulated pipe clamps
  • Spring hangers – variables and constant load
  • Pipe shoes and guides
  • Adjustable pipe stands
  • Clamps and ancillary components

Not sure if we have what you need? Give us a call and chances are we have it or can fabricate it!

To DOWNLOAD our FULL CATALOGUE of Pipe Supports Click: 

Proleum – Full Catalogue (2019)

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