Dugless 903
Dugless 903

Dugless 903

Designed and built by Minprovise, the Dugless 903 is an automated digging and cleaning unit capable of safely manoeuvring under low conveyor sections and other inaccessible places. Created specifically as a safe, cost effective solution for the mining industry, its low-profile design enables easy access underneath conveyor systems to remove material without risk to workers, equipment and or the need to shut down.

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The benefits of the Dugless 903 include, but are not limited to:

    • No conveyor shutdown required during maintenance
    • Easily accesses low ground clearance conveyor frames
    • No manual labour needed
    • Improved safety, lower accident risk
    • Improved productivity
    • Greater cost-efficiency
    • Designed to prevent drive machinery breakdowns


The Dugless 903 features:

  • The capability to be remotely controlled
  • Simple 2 joystick hand remote harness
  • Only 560mm tall
  • Self-levelling 4 in 1 bucket heaped capacity of 0.13m3


Since its launch, the Dugless 903 has proven its success globally to the mining and bulk material handling industries. In 2009, the year the Dugless launched, the unit won:

  • Winner of Bulk Materials Handling Award – London’s Mining Magazine
  • Winner of Best Practice in OH&S Category – 4th Australian Bulk Handling Awards
  • Finalist in the Innovative Mining Solutions Category – 6th Annual Mining Prospect Awards

Since its launch, the DUGLESS 903 has proven its success globally to the mining & bulk material handling industries.



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