EziTite Hydraulic Bolts

EziTite® Hydraulic Bolts are precision engineered, high performance, hydraulically operated fasteners which incorporate mechanisms for tensioning. They can be quickly and easily fitted using standard pumping equipment such as Technofast’s hand operated, Electric or Air Hydraulic Pumps.

EziTite® Hydraulic Bolts minimise the time required to carry out critical bolting procedures and are extremely resistant to vibration and shock loads. They are specified and manufactured using alloy or stainless steels to suit application requirements. Protective covers or optional surface treatments are available.

EziTite® Hydraulic Bolt Features:

  • Standard Range—20mm (7/8”) to 100mm (4”) bolt diameter
  • Unique Lock-ring thread technology ensures maximum retained load
  • Spherical seat gives alignment to joint face
  • Variety of seal designs for temperature/pressure requirements
  • Quick connect fittings

Benefits of the EziTite® Hydraulic Bolt

  • Stroke Indicator
  • All standard Hydraulic Bolts fitted with CEJN type male snap fittings, 1/8″ BSPP porting and bleed plugs
  • Hydraulic Bolts supplied with spherical washers as standard
  • Hydraulic Bolts may be supplied with Nut and flat washer
  • Maximum pressure of standard Hydraulic Bolts is 100 MPA (Custom designs may be higher)

The EziTite® Hydraulic Bolt is Ideal where:

  • Accurate and reliable loading is required on bolting
  • Vibrational or torsional stresses are a problem
  • Regular maintenance requires repeated adjustment or removal of fasteners
  • Fasteners may be in confined or in difficult locations
  • Applications may include: Vibrating Screens and Sieves, Piping Flanges, Reactor Joints and Covers, Autoclaves and or Foundation Bolts.