Thermo Scientific Ramsey Tilt Switches and Control Units

The rugged, abrasion-resistant tilt switch is actuated when material rises to tilt the probe 15° or more from its vertical position. These switches are precisely positioned so that, regardless of the direction of tilt, its normally closed contacts will open. Various probe assemblies are available to suit applications utilizing an array of materials in a wide range of environmental conditions.

Thermo Scientific Ramsey CAP Series

These sensors are designed for point level monitoring of solids, liquids and slurries in bins, vessels and chutes. These controls detect the presence or absence of material by sensing a change in capacitance caused by the difference between the dielectric constant of the material and that of the air. Unlike other capacitance sensors, Thermo Scientific Ramsey CAP Series probes operate below the RF level and are not subject to FCC regulation or interference from other RF-emitting devices.

Thermo Scientific Ramsey TRX Series

These indicators are designed for point level monitoring of solids in bins, vessels and chutes. Their unique de-energising motor design reduces wear, lowers operating temperature and extends the motor’s life. Three SS drive shaft bearings and a sealed, lubricated, all-metal gear assembly augment its other features to make the Thermo Scientfic Ramsey TRX Series the most reliable rotary level controls on the market.

Thermo Scientific Ramsey Microwave Point Level Detector

This totally non-contacting detector provides high- and low-point level detection and can see through non-metallic wall build-up to detect the presence or absence of any material. It can be used in pressurized coal down comers; electrostatic precipitator hoppers; fly ash, clinker and coal transfer chutes; and other industrial applications. By sensing the conditions in chutes, it alerts the user of any problems or disruptions in the process. This detector is
a safe and environment-friendly replacement for nucleonic switches
and is not restricted by OSHA or FCC regulations.

Thermo Scientific Tank Weighing Assemblies

Compression tank weighing assemblies are provided as an option with the Thermo Scientific Ramsey C-Level strain sensors. They are meant for use on smaller bins and in applications requiring higher accuracy.

Thermo Scientific Ramsey C-Level

This indicator is ideally suited for inventory monitoring and process control during the load-out or filling of bins and vessels containing bulk solids or liquids. Because its unique, precision strain-gauge sensors are press-fit into the vessel’s support structure, the system can operate without concern for failure or maintenance issues caused by the monitored material or process environment. This distinctive design also compensates for temperature changes that can affect the accuracy of “bolt-on” strain sensors. Accurate to within ±2%, the Thermo Scientific Ramsey C-Level is unaffected
by corrosive or abrasive materials, uneven material discharge,
build-up on sidewalls, bridging, ratholing or dusting.