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Corrosion Control

MINPROVISE endeavours to be a total solutions provider for all of our client’s needs. With our Corrosion Control faction our Australian owned and operated company is now capable of providing your organisation with asset protection and infrastructure upgrades in the form of abrasive blasting & protective coating, tank cleaning & maintenance and many other site construction and engineering refurbishments.

Our conveniently located workshops in Welshpool and Karratha, WA mean we can offer time optimised and locally based solutions to your site refurbishments, with on-site and professional services available for the optimisation of your site assets.



With our Corrosion team’s combined experience of 50+ years in Australian industries, we understand the degradation that our harsh country’s climate can cause to your valuable assets and structures.

The protection of concrete and steel via Abrasive Blasting & Protective Coating is one of the most cost efficient and effective investments your organisation can make to combat the ongoing effects of corrosion, chemical corruption and abrasion.

MINPROVISE’s abrasive blasting uses environmentally friendly and industry approved methods to achieve a high quality protective coating for your systems – ensuring the longevity of your equipment and assets.


Vertical Tanks








MINPROVISE use only the highest quality equipment and personnel to ensure your industrial cleaning combinations can be met and controlled by our trained operators in an efficient and safe manner.

Our tank cleaning and maintenance services of mobile and static tanks include:

  • Tank Degassing
  • Cleaning
  • Repairing
  • High Pressure Cleaning
  • Sludge Removal
  • Sandblasting Painting
  • Pipework Inspections, Repairs & Modifications
  • Surface Preparation for Structural Integrity Testing
  • Pre-surface Treatment of Structures & Equipment
  • Removal of Coatings, Residues, Paint & Rust

MINPROVISE also offer on-site services for the cleaning and degassing of large fuel storage tanks and rail cars in adherence with OCTEL safety standards and guidelines.