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Scaffolding Equipment & Services

MINPROVISE’s extensive scaffolding range includes modular, tube, fitting and aluminium products. These are manufactured and maintained in accordance with the international standards for safety and reliability.

Our scaffolding systems are easy to assemble and have been manufactured with time efficiency and ease of use as paramount.

In addition to the supply of scaffolding, we can also provide a professional and expert team for the supervision, management and installation of your systems and any subsequent services as required.

MINPROVISE’s extensive capabilities range from engineering and design services, labour supply and stock control through logistics and transportation.

We have the ability to provide our clients with the highest quality services in the most remote locations, with our workshops located in Karratha and Welshpool WA.


  • Management and execution
  • Contracting and labour supply
  • Rental
  • Design, planning and engineering