Thermo Scientific Ramsey Motion Monitor System

This system offers a choice of versatile and reliable packages for monitoring under-speed, over-speed and zero-speed conditions on various types of machinery and systems by sensing the speed variations of rotating parts. Mechanically coupled (shaft-driven) or non-contacting proximity type sensors are available to suit particular application requirements and design preferences. The microprocessor-based Thermo Scientific Ramsey Model 60-200 programmable motion monitor control can be used with any Thermo Scientific sensor and, in some cases, with compatible pulse output sensors from other sources.

Thermo Scientific Ramsey Model 60-23P Under Speed Switch

This switch monitors the rotational velocity of a shaft or another type of rotating equipment. It may be used on conveyor belts, bucket elevators and other types of rotating equipment

Thermo Scientific Ramsey Safety Cable Pull Switch

A safety pull cable is attached to the actuating arm of the switch and terminated at fixed mounts at either end of a conveyor. Force applied to the pull cable at any position causes the actuating arm to move into a tripped-locked position and activates an alarm from one DPDT or two SPDT micro-switches, alerting equipment circuits of the stop condition. This will stay locked until manually reset by the reset lever.

Thermo Scientific Ramsey Belt Misalignment Switch

This switch is mounted on the top or bottom of conveyor stringers with its actuating arm adjusted to the outside edges of the belt. If the belt skews or misaligns, contacting the actuating arm and displacing it from its vertical position, a connection is made with one or more of the micro-switches. A 10° displacement of the actuating arm activates an alarm signal to warn of a potential shutdown, allowing the operator to make adjustments and realign the belt. A 20° displacement will activate a signal to shut down the process in order to prevent or minimize damage to the belt.