Above Ground Fuel Tanks

MINPROVISE’s primary focus throughout our fuel tank design process is on achieving a premium fuel tank design at a competitive price point. This focus, in conjunction with Proleum’s end-to-end business model (providing the design, manufacture, transportation and install of tanks) allows for crucial savings to our clients and partners.

The tanks come in a full range of sizes, starting from 15 Kilolitres up to 200 Kilolitres.

Each fuel tank in our range comes with a multitude of additional features to ensure your site-based requirements are met. Such features include; Short or long walking platforms for larger tanks, safety cages, tailored ladder/stair systems and a range of base support options.

It is widely accepted that the cost and operational convenience of storing gasoline, diesel fuel and oil on-site is important to the efficient running of any oil, gas or mining facility. The savings on effective refueling processes and convenience of location are just a few reasons to consider this alternative, removing the unpredictability of public fueling locations and the appropriateness of fuel provided by external parties.

Contact Us at MINPROVISE to discuss your specific tank requirements and we can tailor our design and manufacture to your needs.