CB Omni Elemental Cross-belt Analyser

The Thermo Scientific CB Omni cross-belt elemental analyser provides reliable and accurate analysis of bulk materials. Providing minute-by-minute composition analysis of ores and concentrates will reduce process upsets, therefore increasing your mill throughput. The modular design allows for quick, low cost installation and maintenance.

ECA Elemental Cross-belt Analyser

The Thermo Scientific Elemental CrossBelt Analyzer (ECA) provides minute-by-minute quality analysis of your critical process streams to facilitate sorting, blending and out-of-seam dilution control. With the ECA, you can control coal quality in real time and improve the efficiency of your operation.

CQM Coal Quality Manager

The Thermo Scientific Coal Quality Manager (CQM) provides minute-by-minute quality analysis of your most critical coal streams. The CQM is the ultimate analyser with the best accuracy available, which allows you to minimize variations in coal quality, ensure contract compliance, and improve your efficiency.

Thermo Scientific Ramsey Model SWAX-7000

This primary sweep sampling type machine offers an economical and simple means to procure a representative sample directly from material on a conveyor belt. With over 1,000 units in service worldwide, it has been subjected to rigorous in-the-field testing and meets ASTM and ISO specifications. This sampler can be used as a stand-alone sampling device or as a primary in a multi-stage mechanical sampling system. Direct increments are obtained from in-motion, horizontal or inclined conveyors. It is ideally suited for the sampling of coal, limestone, ferrous and non-ferrous ores, sand, crushed rock and gravel. In high tonnage applications, the cutter is counterbalanced to prevent excessive stress on the conveyor.