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Conveyor Belt Rollers, Bearings & Replacement Parts

Mechanically Fixed Bearing Housing (Patent 2015/01170)

Conveyor roller bearing housings are mechanically fixed by a patented process instead of the usual welding method. This ensures superior bearing alignment to deliver a more efficient and longer lasting roller.

Cushioned Bearing Carriers

A unique cushioned bearing carrier, made from high quality nylon, offers vibration and shock protection within the area that needs it the most, which is the conveyor bearing. This enhances the roller’s impact resistance and guards against vibration, one of the main causes of premature bearing failure. This unique feature drastically improves the life of the bearing too.

Anti-seize Labyrinth Seal

The outer half of the labyrinth seal has been enlarged to offer the additional benefit of creating an anti-seizure mechanism. The seal is made from high quality nylon and is fixed to the roller shaft, to ensure that end discs remain static whilst the roller body rotates. This ensures that foreign matter or raw material won’t get wedged in between the rotating conveyor roller parts and stationary holding frame to cause premature bearing failure.

Anti-static Technology

Our innovative Anti-static technology is comprised of a copper strip inside the roller that connects the outer shell to the shaft and is applied to our conveyor belt rollers as a standard feature. Static electricity is earthed inside the roller to mitigate the risk of an open spark in methane-rich underground mines, which presents a major fire hazard in coal and gold mines.

Cost Effective & Long-Lasting

The Minprovise conveyor belt roller, combines proven technology with innovation for superior bearing alignment, smoother rolling, improved energy efficiency and added protection. These rollers answer to the demand for a cost effective, efficient and long-lasting roller.

The bearing housings are mechanically fixed and not welded, this helps to to prevent arcing of the housing and ensures more accurately aligned bearings. Less stress on the bearing operation due to better alignment, and improved impact absorption from the bearing carrier, results in the bearing having a longer life. The roller’s easier-rolling bearings also produces less friction and less noise.

Manufactured according to ISO 9001:2008 manufacturing standards and leveraging decades of expertise, the Minprovise roller provides the more efficient and durable conveyor solution. By optimising efficiency, Minprovise rollers offer an environmentally friendly alternative to other steel rollers within bulk handling environments.


Our conveyor belt rollers are made from high quality steel conveyor tubing manufactured in accordance to SANS 657:3 for maximum strength.
The new labyrinth seal design and anti-seize flinger ensures that these rollers offer less rolling resistance, whilst still offering enhanced protection for harsh operating conditions.

Anti- Runback

Anti-Runback technology can be applied to incline belts to prevent the belt from running back in the event of a “belt-snap”. Rollers are fitted with the patented Rollerbrake system, which ensures that the roller can only run in one direction.

Lubricated for Life

Bearing lubrication is an important factor affecting the theoretical lifespan of any conveyor roller. Bearings are lubricated at the factory and placed inside the bearing housing with a back seal. This provides a protective barrier from both sides of the bearing and eliminates the need for it to lubricated at user level. The team at Minprovise have implemented this crucial step to prevent the risk of over or under-lubrication, and to mitigate the risk of bearing failure due to lack of lubrication.

Advantages of Our Conveyor Belt Rollers

At Minprovise, our conveyor belt rollers have been designed to maximise productivity and reduce the downtime of your projects. The advantages of our rollers include:

  • Revolutionary design concept for steel rollers
  • Lower noise level
  • Longer lifespan than conventional steel rollers
  • Design and assembly eliminate bearing misalignment
  • Easier and smoother rolling
  • Can operate at higher speeds
  • Extends the lifespan of bearings
  • Lowers maintenance costs
  • Competitive pricing
  • Better return on investment

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