Granuflow Flow/No-Flow Detectors

These sensors are low-cost, non-invasive, microwave-based instruments that detect and monitor flow/no-flow conditions of bulk solids in pipelines, ducts and air-slides, and at transfer points of chutes, conveyor belts and bucket elevators. This real-time flow information allows you to monitor processes closely and leads to increased reliability, higher quality end product, reduced downtime and fewer hazards to jeopardize operators and equipment.

Used for automation purposes, the Thermo Scientific Ramsey Granuflow DTR 131, DTR 231 and GTR 130 optimize the efficient use of machinery and energy by switching process equipment on or off as required. They have no moving mechanical parts, which eliminates wear and makes the instrument maintenance and trouble-free.

Thermo Scientific Ramsey Granucor Solids Flow Measurement System

The in-line measurement of bulk solids flow is important for product quality, process efficiency and system safety. This system provides continuous, real-time flow measurement of free-falling materials or dense phase, pneumatically conveyed bulk solids.


The system consists of a DK13 velocity sensor which uses cross-correlation to measure material travel time between two points, a DC13 concentration sensor to measure the change in capacitance with material present versus an empty pipe, and a Ramsey Micro-Tech 9109 Granucor electronics which calculates the mass flow rate.


The Ramsey Granucor’s non-intrusive design and software can be used to monitor and control the flow in pipes or the flow distribution through pipe networks.