Luwirep 85

The Luwirep 85 For PU Wear Protection Repairs

The Luwirep 85 is ideal for filling seams, as well as transitions of bolted or bonded Luwitan plates, and other lining materials. Due to the superb abrasion characteristics, it can also be used for strengthening heavily stressed areas.

The material is processible for approximately 10 minutes and can be mechanically finished after hardening.

Applications of The Luwirep 85 Repair System

This system can be used for a variety of applications where repairs on PU wear protection is required. A full list of the applications it can be used for can be found below.

  • Sealing plate seams of installed linings.
  • Equalising of transitions.
  • Strengthening of heavily stressed areas.
  • Repairing conveyor belt damage.


  • Only small tools required
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Fast reaction time
  • Also applicable in vertical and over-head situations
  • Good adhesion on nearly every material
  • (please ask for special primers for your application)


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