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Gear Drive Speed Reducers

There may be several large gear manufacturers in the world that occupy certain niches within the realm of girth gears and industrial gearboxes, but FERRY-CAPITAIN Industries LLC, with full access to the design and manufacturing capabilities of FERRY-CAPITAIN and CMD, and their sister companies within Groupe CIF, is uniquely positioned to offer a very wide range of open and enclosed gearing solutions for all types of low-speed, high-torque industrial processing applications.

As part of our partnership, Minprovise offers Gear Drive Speed Reducers in a wide range of tailored applications, fabricated to the needs of our clients. Contact us about your Speed Reducer or other Gear Drive needs and we will be able to work with you on a high quality – high performance open or closed gearing mechanical setup or repair/replacement.

With respect to enclosed gearing, we are able to offer the industrial gearboxes and couplings that complement the open gear sets, such that the entire mechanical drive train, from the motor output shaft to the process equipment flange, may be supplied.

Custom, high-torque gearboxes, in a multitude of configurations (parallel shaft – – single and multi-stage; right angle; planetary) may be supplied by CMD for a wide range of industrial uses, along with a full line of grid (Winflex®) and gear (Flexident®) couplings. Proprietary CMD drive products include: Bogiflex® kiln drive system, CANEflex® sugar-cane mill drive, JUMBOREX® vertical grinding mill drive and ERmaster® parallel-shaft reducers. CMD has most recently developed its Quadrex® multi-pinion drive arrangement, for high-powered horizontal grinding mills used in mineral processing, for power transmission up to 30 MW.