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Dugless Replacement Parts

Designed and built by MINPROVISE, the DUGLESS 900 is an automated digging and cleaning unit capable of safely maneuvering under low conveyor sections and other inaccessible places to remove spillage and blockages without any risk to workers or equipment.


  • No conveyor shutdown required during maintenance
  • Easily accesses low ground clearance conveyor frames
  • No manual labour needed
  • Improved safety, Lower accident risk
  • Improved productivity
  • Greater cost efficiency
  • Designed to prevent drive machinery breakdowns


  • Remote-controlled
  • Simple 2 joystick hand remote harness
  • Only 560mm tall
  • Self-levelling 4 in 1 bucket heaped capacity of 0.13m3

Need a spare part for your Dugless? Contact us and we will arrange its shipment to you as soon as possible!