Y2 & X2 – 2 Stage Tensioning

Technofast’s X2 & Y2 2-Stage EziJacs encompass a large range of slim bodied tensioners to complete maintenance on any application with restricted space.

The 2-Stage series of hydraulic Tensioners are a lightweight, user friendly range of Tensioners, which are quickly and easily fitted in restricted spaces. These Tensioners are powerful & provide accurate and versatile tensioning of bolts and studs, whilst being fast, simple and safe to use.

Tool Features:

  • Stroke Indicator
  • Long Stroke
  • Spring return piston
  • Over stroke prevention
  • Slim fit design
  • Leak-free, low-friction seals
  • Nitrated components
  • Optional side gear box
  • Quality assured

Technofast’s X2 and Y2 Multistage Bolt Tensioners may be fitted with an optional Gear Drive to rotate the retaining nut without the use of a Pin Spanner. The drive is operated using a standard 1/2″ socket wrench. The feature optimises the speed of operation and allows the tools to be used in restricted spaces where a Pin Spanner drive could not be employed. An Integral idler gear is used to ensure that the drive tool and nut rotations are in the same direction.