Luwispray Spray Coating

Our highly elastic coating materials for wear and surface protection ensure that system components, vehicles, mixers, mills, cyclones, etc. last that much longer. PU spray coatings are particularly suitable for wear and tear through sliding abrasion, often in conjunction with a chemical exposure. The required layer thickness is chosen depending on the application and is at least 2 mm.


  • Lining of coal, ore and sand bunkers and dust collectors
  • Corrosion protection for system parts
  • Silo and tank linings
  • Screw conveyors and screens
  • Conveying equipment
  • Chutes and slides
  • Pipe linings
  • Vibratory grinding container
  • Mixer and shaker
  • Pump parts and cyclones

LUWISPRAY spray coatings are distinguished by the following: 

  • Highly resistant to wear
  • Age-resistant
  • Impact-resistant
  • Chemical-resistant
  • Crack-bridging
  • Permanently elastic
  • Hydrolysis-resistant
  • Seamless