Impeller Breaker (KAP/SAP)

Features of the Impeller Breaker:

Greater Crushing Ratio

A high crushing ratio of 10-3 (compared to the 5-3 of conventional gyrators, cone or roll crushers) effectively eliminates several crushing processes from more basic crushing systems.

Cubical Products

Compared to compression crushers, the Impeller Breaker produces much higher quality cubical products – ensuring greater savings for mortar than the aggregate of other machines crushing concrete of equal strength.

Selective Crushing Capacity and Uniform Product Size

Because of the lack of binding force, feed materials can be separated into their various elemental components. The size or shape of these material feeds also has no influence whatsoever on the final product size.

Low Power Consumption and Minimum Installation Costs

As an impact crusher, the greatest portion of power transmitted to the rotor is used purely for crushing. As this machine is compact, yet powerful, the impeller breaker requires little space. Vibration-free operation means simpler, less costly foundations.

Safety with Foreign Materials and Easy Maintenance

If foreign materials enter the crusher, the impact plate ensures this unwanted material is quickly discharged. The Impeller Breaker is so well designed and manufactured that no operator training is required to operate it. The crusher has simple usage instructions.