Gyratory Crusher (KG Model)

Features of the Gyratory KG Crushing Equipment:

The KG crusher features a simple discharge set, making it an efficient solution for your business. The discharge setting on this model is simple and can easily be adjusted by the amount of oil in the hydraulic cylinder installed at the bottom of the main shaft.

Main Shaft Collapse Prevention

If hard ore enters the crushing chamber, the main shaft may develop a jumping action. To prevent the main shaft from falling down, the hydraulic support for the main shaft is maintained by raising a piston within the balance cylinder, which contains air and oil.

Re-start Capability while Loaded

If the crusher stops unexpectedly during its procedure and the raw material inside needs to be removed from the crushing chamber, the KG’s hydraulic system will accommodate this. It does this by lowering its crushing head in order to discharge the wedged ore, allowing for immediate restart.

Heavy Duty Spider Bearing

The KG’s large spherical bearing is equipped with a spider bearing to reinforce it for continuous heavy strain and long life.