EziTite Hydraulic Nut

The EziTite® Hydraulic Nut is a precision engineered, high pressure/high performance, hydraulically operated bolt tensioning device that can be quickly and easily fitted and used with Technofast pumping equipment.

The EziTite hydraulic nut is ideal for tensioning all of the studs on a flange, joint or cover – simultaneously loading 100% of the fasteners at once. This ensures an extremely accurate and balanced load onto the flange/joint.

EziTite Features:

  • Reduces maintenance down time
  • Improves safety on the job
  • Gives reliable and precise tensioning
  • Is user-friendly
  • Fast to fit and remove
  • Requires little physical effort
  • Is ideal for difficult or confined spaces

The EziTite® Hydraulic Nut is Ideal where:

  • Accurate and reliable loading is required on bolting
  • Vibrational or torsional stresses are a problem
  • Regular maintenance requires repeated adjustment or removal of nuts
  • There are confined or difficult nut locations