Kawasaki’s superior system engineering technologies have been developed out of their abundant operational know-how accumulated through designing and constructing plants for various industries throughout the world.  They undertake all aspects of their Materials Handling Systems from total engineering to design and manufacturing of the primary equipment. Minprovise has been a partner of Kawasaki through its …

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crane makeover

All Terrain 45 Tonne Crane gets a Minprovise Makeover

An all-terrain crane is designed for maximum mobility and power lifting, with a boom length that can extend to over 30m. No matter how strong and robust, these mighty machines lose their good looks with age and body damage working in a range of challenging conditions that include extremely hot, dry and gritty conditions. Minprovise …

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HBF Stadium Hosts a Different Kind of Performance.

Minprovise Scaffolding Division was asked to kick a goal with the dismantling of old, unsafe scaffold material and score safety and aesthetic appeal with the design and erection of new scaffolding at Perth’s HBF Stadium. The project resulted in 154 tonnes of scaffold material being dismantled and replaced 10 days earlier than schedule. They received …

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On Friday the 14th of February, employees of Minprovise International Pty Ltd. celebrated the significant safety milestone of 1,000+ days LTI free at their primary workshop and headquarters located in Welshpool. The team were treated to Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream as thanks from management for their hard work, focus and adherence to stringent safety procedures, …

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Minprovise Attributes Ongoing Sustainable Growth to the Team Around Them

As published in Over the last financial year MINPROVISE have witnessed rapid and sustainable growth of their business, with new workshops opening in the Pilbara and Welshpool over the past 3 months. With this increase in market share and ongoing business development comes the exponential growth of the team’s workforce, which MINPROVISE believe are …

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Transport Frame Innovation Creates Reduced Lead Times for Industry Partners

MINPROVISE has proudly designed, engineered and manufactured hundreds of industry compliant transport frames to date, with 60% of these being customised to client-specific requirements. Now, having undertaken a review of the data and processes around these manufactures, the specialist products and services group have established an innovative approach to the design and manufacture of such …

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Corrosion Control Workshop

Two Workshops Opened in WA – New Services Offered to Partners

MINPROVISE have hit the ground running in 2020 with the official opening of the organisation’s corrosion control workshop at 60 Adams Drive, Welshpool. This is the second workshop opening in the last 3 months for the MINPROVISE group, with the first commencing operations in Karratha in early November 2019. With both of these new locations …

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Minprovise Demonstrate Commitment to Future Development with 2020 Apprenticeship Opportunities and Summer Interns

MINPROVISE have had a busy fourth quarter for 2019 in all regards of the business, with every facet of the organisation firing at all cylinders in preparation for a busy 2020. A notable accomplishment for the Total Solutions Provider has been the organisation’s endeavor to ramp up it’s commitments to youth professional training and the …

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Scaffolding Services added to Minprovise’s Capabilities through new Karratha Workshop

This month MINPROVISE have achieved another milestone with their first in-house supply of scaffolding equipment and services to a client in the Pilbara. This was achievable through the opening of the Total Solutions Provider’s new Workshop based out of Karratha for the convenience and efficiency of projects for Pilbara clients. The scaffolding was required for …

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Client Feedback on the Dugless 900 machine resulted in a redesigned Air Intake System and the Dugless 903 model

MINPROVISE’s commitment to the continuous improvement of our products & services has resulted in our popular Dugless 900 remote controlled mini-loader being upgraded in response to client feedback. Client feedback pertaining to the performance of the Dugless 900 Air Intake System while working in confined and dusty spaces, was invaluable. The digger often works under …

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minprovise karratha office

New Karratha Workshop Now Open!

MINPROVISE have opened their new, Karratha-based workshop as part of an ongoing commitment to deliver projects efficiently to Pilbara based clients and sites. The new workshop will mirror the projects undertaken at MINPROVISE’s primary workshop in Welshpool, with the full support of Perth trades and materials. The Workshop and offices were built in 2016 and …

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As Published by Minprovise are all about solving problems, not selling, and that’s what keeps their partnerships strong. It’s the way that Minprovise go about their business that sets them apart. The focus is on the client’s needs and providing solutions, not just to earn a quick dollar. “I still believe in the old …

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DUGLESS – Innovation that stands the Test of Time

Minprovise builds a connection between productivity and safety with the Dugless 903 machine. General manager Tony Sutton explains the link to Australian Mining. The mining industry doesn’t often encounter an innovation that was inspiring 10 years ago, yet is still relevant today. Dugless 903, an automated digging and cleaning unit, generated industry hype as a machine 0.56 …

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Jaw Crusher Hope Downs

Minprovise Complete Jaw Crusher Install at Hope Downs

Minprovise have completed a C160 Jaw Crusher replacement at Pilbara mine site, Hope Downs 1. The Jaw Crusher is the Hope Down’s primary crusher and Minprovise were selected for this critical project due to their recent similar work in the field, professional efficacy & proven track record. The C160 crusher replacement is the second of …

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Proleum branches out into above ground fuel storage tanks

Proleum, an Australian owned and operated company dedicated to the provision of specialist products and services to the oil, gas and mining industries, has responded to the demands of its clients

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Pilbara Fishing Extravaganza

Minprovise Community Sponsorship in the Pilbara

From an up-and-coming Olympic boxer, based out of Perth, Western Australia, to their second consecutive year as major sponsor and partner of Port Walcott Marine Safety’s

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Minprovise achieve 100 per cent growth of site service capabilities in a year

In the last year, Minprovise has achieved formidable advancements, with demand for, and revenue turnover, of its site services division reaching 100% growth from H1 FY 2018 to H1 FY 2019.

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Port Walcott

Minprovise continue to give back to the Pilbara Community

Port Walcott Volunteer Marine Rescue is just one of the communal events Minprovise has sponsored several times.

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Rio Tinto recognises Minprovise for Site Safety

MINPROVISE gains International Coverage for new Safety Process that removes workers from the Line of Fire.

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