Minprovise Demonstrate Commitment to Future Development with 2020 Apprenticeship Opportunities and Summer Interns

MINPROVISE have had a busy fourth quarter for 2019 in all regards of the business, with every facet of the organisation firing at all cylinders in preparation for a busy 2020. A notable accomplishment for the Total Solutions Provider has been the organisation’s endeavor to ramp up it’s commitments to youth professional training and the experience of future tradespeople and students from local communities.

In October, the Executive Leadership Team attended a ceremony held by The Graham (Polly) Farmer Foundation at which Minprovise committed to the ongoing development of young Aboriginal Australian’s careers and professional training.

The foundation’s vision is “…for all Aboriginal Australians to have an enriching and successful education and a wide range of career and life choices…” and with this partnership, Minprovise have created 2020 apprenticeship opportunities and positions within the organisation for the professional training of young adults from Perth and the Pilbara.

The Minprovise Leadership Team with Graham (Polly) Farmer Foundation CEO – Cate Sims
From Left: Nino Fasolo (Executive Leader), Vanessa Hua Cosgrove (Manager – Sales & Marketing), Tony Sutton (General Manager), Cate Sims (CEO of The Graham (Polly) Farmer Foundation), Shelley Duncan (Manager – HR) and Rick Cary (Finance Manager)

With this Graham (Polly) Farmer Foundation partnership, the Minprovise head office will open it’s doors and workshop in Welshpool for an official Apprenticeship Open Day on Friday the 20th of December, 2019. During this time, graduating high school students are invited to visit the headquarters and attend talks held with employees from trades that Minprovise are holding apprenticeship positions for, while also participating in Workshop and hands on activities to encourage the student’s interest in future careers and trades.

An open day of the same caliber will also be held at the organisation’s recently opened Karratha workshop at a later date (TBC). This Open Day will facilitate students from the local area and Karratha Highschool.

Summer Interns

In December, Minprovise also welcomed 3 new engineering interns into their team for a 10 week summer internship and mentoring program.

This program is a result of partnering with leading METS Industry body, Austmine, and grants the university engineers onsite practical experience and workplace application of their tertiary education and theory over the summer period.

Sam, Ismail and Blake have been matched with a MINPROVISE professional and will be provided with mentoring and workplace experience for the next few months. In this time they will assist with workshop fabrication and engineering projects – enriching their practical knowledge and experience while setting them up for success in the future.

Minprovise Summer Interns Sam, Blake and Ismail with Minprovise Mentors Blake and Jacob.