Minprovise Complete Jaw Crusher Install at Hope Downs

Minprovise have completed a C160 Jaw Crusher replacement at Pilbara mine site, Hope Downs 1. The Jaw Crusher is the Hope Down’s primary crusher and Minprovise were selected for this critical project due to their recent similar work in the field, professional efficacy & proven track record.

The C160 crusher replacement is the second of its kind completed in the last year by the mineral processing equipment and site services provider – the first being undertaken at West Angelas mine site, located in Newman in 2018.

The large-scale site maintenance project required careful quality control and site safety management in the lead up to, and during, the crusher replacement – as the team at Minprovise were required to safely and efficiently remove the old Jaw Crusher model and replace it with the newer C160 model in its already established and confined structure.

Minprovise’s end-to-end business model and internal manufacture and fabrication capabilities meant that the team were also able to fabricate the appropriate and tailor-made transport frames, jigs and chute covers for the optimised safety of the project.

To complete the lift, the mining, oil & gas and construction service provider utilised a 500 tonne crane to safely manoeuvre the 78 tonne crusher mainframe into place.

As the sole provider of the install process, Minprovise were required to coordinate between the client, the transport agency, the crane provider and the crusher manufacturer to ensure a smooth and time efficient process.

Minprovise’s phase of the replacement project reached completion within the originally quoted and designated amount of time, with no hiccups or costly time delays.

The fabrication and install of the crushers casting plates to take the full impact of the crushers vibrations were also undertaken by Minprovise employees due to the organisations workshop fabrication capabilities and experience.

Throughout the entire process of cutting & jack-hammering the support base, removal and replacement of the casting plates, re-grouting of the new base/plates and heavy lift install of the crusher – zero safety incidents or injuries were reported.