Paragon Crusher Backing

The Paragon Diamond Standard has been applied to these epoxy grout solutions.

Construction Grouts

Paragon General Purpose epoxy is designed as a perfect solution for crusher backing, vertical grouting of starter bars, and many other general-purpose uses. This grout is a pourable epoxy resin-based grout, suitable for open cavities up to 50mm.

Here at Minprovise, we can also supply Paragon Deep Pour, which contains deep pour epoxy resin-based grout. Just like our general-purpose product, it’s suitable for open cavities up to 50mm.


The construction grouts we supply can be used for the following applications:

  • Crusher Backing
  • Vertical grouting of starter bars
  • Machine or column bed grouts
  • General purpose pourable grout

All of our products can be purchased in 1, 5 and 10 kg kits. If you’re unsure of what size kit you need for your crusher backing, vertical grouting, machine grout, column grout, or just general-purpose grout, contact our team who can provide you with expert advice and more.

Huntsman Araldite, Crusher Backing Products


Huntsman have a full range of impact-resistant crusher backing epoxies to suit all crusher reinforcing situations, from easy, on-site preparation and application, through to specific temperature and location conditions. Contact us for the best kit to match your site requirements and prolong your crusher life by strengthening it against everyday wear and tear.