Thermo Scientific Digital Belt Speed Sensor

This sensor is the most reliable and accurate speed-sensing device ever developed for belt scale service. Direct-coupling the sensor to the conveyor tail pulley, snubbing roll or a large diameter return roller ensures accurate belt-travel readout. Its rugged, cast-aluminium housing makes it suitable for outdoor installations. It comes equipped with an AC pulse generator, so there are no brushes to adjust or replace.

Thermo Scientific Ramsey Micro-Tech 9000

This series of electronic integrators signifies a new approach to scale instrumentation, giving the user more flexibility and vastly increased upgrade capabilities. These instruments, available in field or panel mount versions, are suitable for applications utilising: belt conveyor scales, weighbelt feeders, loss-in-weight feeders, impact flow meters and other dynamic weighing systems. Because all of the Thermo Scientific Ramsey Micro-Tech models use a common platform, the user only needs to become familiar with one basic interface. These integrators also have extraordinary communication capabilities that allow them to connect to intelligent peripheral equipment,
such as computers, programmable logic controllers, printers and network systems.

Thermo Scientific Ramsey Series 14

This system is specifically designed for high accuracy or basis-of-payment applications requiring certification by government and regulatory agencies. It is extremely accurate to within 0.125% and is the most widely certified belt scale in the world. It has received its Certificate of Conformance in the United States as issued under the National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) of the National Conference on Weights and Measures. Outside of the U.S., it is certified by OIML and EEC Class I standards. It represents the world standard of accuracy and performance for loadout, inventory monitoring and fee-holder type applications.

Thermo Scientific Ramsey Series 17

This belt scale system is specifically designed for plant and process operations that run at high rates of speed or require high accuracy. Its unitised multi-idler weighbridge promotes more scale-borne time, which minimises alignment errors, allowing this model to be offered as a highly accurate 0.25% scale system. This system is available in a two or four-idler version.

Thermo Scientific Ramsey Series 20

This system monitors feed to crushers, mills, screens and other processes with an accuracy of 0.5%, even in the most demanding industrial applications. It is designed for general in-plant belt conveyor weighing and lets you monitor production output and inventory, or regulate product loadout.

Thermo Scientific Ramsey IDEA

This Belt Scale System provides basic rate information and totalisation functions in processes involving non-critical or lower value materials with an accuracy of 1%. It is available in either single or dual module configurations and its highly compact design makes it ideal for operations where economy and ease of installation are important considerations.