Thermo Scientific Ramsey Oretronic III

This tramp metal detector minimizes lost production by providing an economical and reliable means to protect expensive crushers, conveyors and other process equipment from damage by tramp metal. It can detect all types of metallic scrap, including bucket teeth, manganese steel mantles, bore crowns, bar scrap chains, tools and more. Because the Thermo Scientific Ramsey Oretronic III is insensitive to materials with high magnetic permeability and electrical conductivity, it can be used in applications where conventional metal detectors produce an unacceptable false alarm rate. It is designed especially for belt conveyors moving coal, iron pellets, minerals, aggregates and other bulk materials.

CB Omni Elemental Cross-belt Analyser

The Thermo Scientific CB Omni cross-belt elemental analyser provides reliable and accurate analysis of bulk materials. Providing minute-by-minute composition analysis of ores and concentrates will reduce process upsets, therefore increasing your mill throughput. The modular design allows for quick, low cost installation and maintenance.

ECA Elemental Cross-belt Analyser

The Thermo Scientific Elemental CrossBelt Analyzer (ECA) provides minute-by-minute quality analysis of your critical process streams to facilitate sorting, blending and out-of-seam dilution control. With the ECA, you can control coal quality in real time and improve the efficiency of your operation.

CQM Coal Quality Manager

The Thermo Scientific Coal Quality Manager (CQM) provides minute-by-minute quality analysis of your most critical coal streams. The CQM is the ultimate analyser with the best accuracy available, which allows you to minimize variations in coal quality, ensure contract compliance, and improve your efficiency.

Thermo Scientific Ramsey Model SWAX-7000

This primary sweep sampling type machine offers an economical and simple means to procure a representative sample directly from material on a conveyor belt. With over 1,000 units in service worldwide, it has been subjected to rigorous in-the-field testing and meets ASTM and ISO specifications. This sampler can be used as a stand-alone sampling device or as a primary in a multi-stage mechanical sampling system. Direct increments are obtained from in-motion, horizontal or inclined conveyors. It is ideally suited for the sampling of coal, limestone, ferrous and non-ferrous ores, sand, crushed rock and gravel. In high tonnage applications, the cutter is counterbalanced to prevent excessive stress on the conveyor.

Thermo Scientific Ramsey Tilt Switches and Control Units

The rugged, abrasion-resistant tilt switch is actuated when material rises to tilt the probe 15° or more from its vertical position. These switches are precisely positioned so that, regardless of the direction of tilt, its normally closed contacts will open. Various probe assemblies are available to suit applications utilizing an array of materials in a wide range of environmental conditions.

Thermo Scientific Ramsey CAP Series

These sensors are designed for point level monitoring of solids, liquids and slurries in bins, vessels and chutes. These controls detect the presence or absence of material by sensing a change in capacitance caused by the difference between the dielectric constant of the material and that of the air. Unlike other capacitance sensors, Thermo Scientific Ramsey CAP Series probes operate below the RF level and are not subject to FCC regulation or interference from other RF-emitting devices.

Thermo Scientific Ramsey TRX Series

These indicators are designed for point level monitoring of solids in bins, vessels and chutes. Their unique de-energising motor design reduces wear, lowers operating temperature and extends the motor’s life. Three SS drive shaft bearings and a sealed, lubricated, all-metal gear assembly augment its other features to make the Thermo Scientfic Ramsey TRX Series the most reliable rotary level controls on the market.

Thermo Scientific Ramsey Microwave Point Level Detector

This totally non-contacting detector provides high- and low-point level detection and can see through non-metallic wall build-up to detect the presence or absence of any material. It can be used in pressurized coal down comers; electrostatic precipitator hoppers; fly ash, clinker and coal transfer chutes; and other industrial applications. By sensing the conditions in chutes, it alerts the user of any problems or disruptions in the process. This detector is
a safe and environment-friendly replacement for nucleonic switches
and is not restricted by OSHA or FCC regulations.

Thermo Scientific Tank Weighing Assemblies

Compression tank weighing assemblies are provided as an option with the Thermo Scientific Ramsey C-Level strain sensors. They are meant for use on smaller bins and in applications requiring higher accuracy.

Thermo Scientific Ramsey C-Level

This indicator is ideally suited for inventory monitoring and process control during the load-out or filling of bins and vessels containing bulk solids or liquids. Because its unique, precision strain-gauge sensors are press-fit into the vessel’s support structure, the system can operate without concern for failure or maintenance issues caused by the monitored material or process environment. This distinctive design also compensates for temperature changes that can affect the accuracy of “bolt-on” strain sensors. Accurate to within ±2%, the Thermo Scientific Ramsey C-Level is unaffected
by corrosive or abrasive materials, uneven material discharge,
build-up on sidewalls, bridging, ratholing or dusting.

Thermo Scientific Ramsey BOB II

This inventory management system provides rugged and dependable continuous level monitoring of solids, liquids and slurries in vessels, silos and tanks. Its mechanical system of captive pulleys, a cable brush cleaning system, and line tracking allow it to work where other technologies and competitive products fail. The Thermo Scientific Ramsey Bob II is immune to dust, vapors, steam and temperature fluctuations. The unit can be applied in both hazardous and non-hazardous locations. Its microprocessor monitors the distance traveled by the weighted bob in both the descend and retract modes. These distances are measured and compared to ensure accuracy and trouble-free operation. It gives you a wide variety of control and communication options and can be configured to meet your specific application requirements.

Thermo Scientific Ramsey Motion Monitor System

This system offers a choice of versatile and reliable packages for monitoring under-speed, over-speed and zero-speed conditions on various types of machinery and systems by sensing the speed variations of rotating parts. Mechanically coupled (shaft-driven) or non-contacting proximity type sensors are available to suit particular application requirements and design preferences. The microprocessor-based Thermo Scientific Ramsey Model 60-200 programmable motion monitor control can be used with any Thermo Scientific sensor and, in some cases, with compatible pulse output sensors from other sources.

Thermo Scientific Ramsey Model 60-23P Under Speed Switch

This switch monitors the rotational velocity of a shaft or another type of rotating equipment. It may be used on conveyor belts, bucket elevators and other types of rotating equipment

Thermo Scientific Ramsey Safety Cable Pull Switch

A safety pull cable is attached to the actuating arm of the switch and terminated at fixed mounts at either end of a conveyor. Force applied to the pull cable at any position causes the actuating arm to move into a tripped-locked position and activates an alarm from one DPDT or two SPDT micro-switches, alerting equipment circuits of the stop condition. This will stay locked until manually reset by the reset lever.

Thermo Scientific Ramsey Belt Misalignment Switch

This switch is mounted on the top or bottom of conveyor stringers with its actuating arm adjusted to the outside edges of the belt. If the belt skews or misaligns, contacting the actuating arm and displacing it from its vertical position, a connection is made with one or more of the micro-switches. A 10° displacement of the actuating arm activates an alarm signal to warn of a potential shutdown, allowing the operator to make adjustments and realign the belt. A 20° displacement will activate a signal to shut down the process in order to prevent or minimize damage to the belt.

Thermo Scientific Ramsey Granucor Solids Flow Measurement System

The in-line measurement of bulk solids flow is important for product quality, process efficiency and system safety. This system provides continuous, real-time flow measurement of free-falling materials or dense phase, pneumatically conveyed bulk solids.


The system consists of a DK13 velocity sensor which uses cross-correlation to measure material travel time between two points, a DC13 concentration sensor to measure the change in capacitance with material present versus an empty pipe, and a Ramsey Micro-Tech 9109 Granucor electronics which calculates the mass flow rate.


The Ramsey Granucor’s non-intrusive design and software can be used to monitor and control the flow in pipes or the flow distribution through pipe networks.

Impact Weighers

These unique devices are designed to continuously measure the mass flow rate and total mass of free-flowing particulate materials in mechanical conveying systems without interrupting the flow of material.

Thermo Scientific impact weighers provide a low-cost, yet highly accurate, method of measuring the mass flow of dry solids and powders for inventory process control and can help you save thousands of dollars by reducing waste and improving product quality. They are ideal for applications in vertical flow streams where weighbelt feeders or belt conveyor scales will not fit or cannot be applied. These systems are easy to install and maintain. Our impact weighers can operate with a variety of pre-feed devices, including screw or vibratory feeders, belt conveyors, drag conveyors, air slides or rotary valves. Product weighing and totalisation functions are performed with the Thermo Scientific Ramsey Micro-Tech 9106 impact flow meter electronics.

Ramsey Micro-Tech 9105

Thermo Scientific Weighbelt Feeders

Are you looking for durable weighbelt feeders? Here at Minprovise, we offer an extensive range of weighbelt feeders as the Western Australian supplier of choice for leading international brand, Thermo Fisher Scientific. Learn more about the range we supply below.

These specialised instruments are multi-functional digital control devices that incorporate all weighing, logic and control functions into a single dedicated package. An ideal attachment for weighbelt feeders which optimise blending and ratio controls of minerals being processed by the feeder.

Thermo Scientific Ramsey Model 90-150

This weighbelt feeder provides a consistent flow of material, offers increased sensitivity for more accurate weighing of the lightest materials, and permits quick and easy cleaning and maintenance. Its stainless-steel construction provides improved corrosion resistance and washdown capabilities. This model accommodates flow rates as low as 54 kg (120 lb) per hour up to 22,680 kg per hour, and belt loadings of 3 kg/m to 30 kg/m.

Thermo Scientific Ramsey Model 90.125

The Thermo Scientific Ramsey Model 90.125 weighbelt feeder’s unique cantilevered and formed channel frame design provides a strong and sturdy weigh structure. It’s design also allows for quick and easy maintenance. It accommodates flow rates of approximately 0.5 metric tons per hour up to 91 metric tons per hour, and belt loadings of 15 kg/m to 170 kg/m.

Thermo Scientific Ramsey Model 90.100

This weighbelt feeder’s heavy-duty construction provides larger pulleys and a very sturdy, rugged frame for increased accuracy in high-rate, heavy-duty applications. It accommodates flow rates up to 816 metric tons per hour, and belt loadings up to 447 kg/m. Its endless belt design allows the belt to be changed with minimum downtime.




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Thermo Scientific Digital Belt Speed Sensor

Conveyor Belt Scales & Weighing Systems

The Thermo Scientific Digital Belt Speed Sensor is the most reliable and accurate speed-sensing device that’s ever been developed for belt scale service. Direct-coupling the sensor to the conveyor tail pulley, snubbing roll or a large diameter return roller, ensures accurate belt-travel readout. Its rugged, cast-aluminium housing makes it suitable for outdoor installations. It comes equipped with an AC pulse generator, so there are no brushes to adjust or replace.

Thermo Scientific Ramsey Micro-Tech 9000

This series of electronic integrators signifies a new approach to scale instrumentation, giving the user more flexibility and increased upgrade capabilities. These instruments, available in field or panel mount versions, are suitable for applications utilising:

  • Belt conveyor scales.
  • Weigh belt feeders.
  • Loss-in-weight feeders.
  • Impact flow meters.
  • Other dynamic weighing systems.

Because all of the Thermo Scientific Ramsey Micro-Tech conveyor belt scale models use a common platform, the user only needs to become familiar with one basic interface. These integrators also have extraordinary communication capabilities, that allow them to connect to intelligent peripheral equipment, including computers, programmable logic controllers, printers and network systems.

Thermo Scientific Ramsey Series 14

Specifically designed for high accuracy or basis-of-payment application, this conveyor belt scale system requires certification by government and regulatory agencies. Due to this, it’s extremely accurate, to within 0.125% and is the most widely certified belt scales in the world. It has received a Certificate of Conformance in the United States, as issued under the National Type Evaluation Program from the National Conference on Weights and Measures. Outside of the U.S, it is certified by OIML and EEC Class I standards. This system represents the world standard of accuracy and performance for loadout, inventory monitoring and fee-holder type applications.

Thermo Scientific Ramsey Series 17

The Thermo Scientific Ramsey Series 17 belt scale system is specifically designed for plant and process operations, that run at high rates of speed or require high accuracy. Its unitised multi-idler weighbridge promotes more scale-borne time, which minimises alignment errors, allowing this model to be offered as a highly accurate 0.25% scale system. The team at Minprovise can supply you with this system in a two or four-idler version.

Thermo Scientific Ramsey Series 20

Thermo Scientific have designed this conveyor belt weighing system to monitor feed to crushers, mills, screens and other processes with an accuracy of 0.5%, even in the most demanding industrial applications. It is designed for general in-plant belt conveyor weighing, and lets you monitor production output and inventory or regulate product loadout.

Thermo Scientific Ramsey IDEA

The Ramsey IDEA belt scale system provides basic rate information and totalisation functions involving non-critical or lower value materials with an accuracy of 1%. It is available in either single or dual module configurations, and its highly compact design makes it ideal for operations where economy and ease of installation are important considerations.





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