MINPROVISE is committed to the sustainable development of our business through the effective management of its economic, environmental and social impacts. We will continue development of our growth strategy and maintaining and enhancing the trust and loyalty of our customers, employees, communities, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Safety and Health
We are committed to the safety, health and well-being of our people in everything we do. We believe that The Safe Way is the Only Way. We believe that safety is not just a set of rules – it is a company attitude that everyone embraces.
MINPROVISE continues to improve its safety performance as it grows. We are committed to monitoring safety performance, ensure the provision of safe work practices and provide training and initiatives that keep safety at the forefront of everything we do.
Our goal is that everyone goes home from work happy and uninjured and spends time enjoying their life outside of work.

MINPROVISE understands the importance of the natural environment in the regions where we operate and the need to manage our activities for long-term environmental sustainability. Our objective is to minimise the impact from our operations through the identification and mitigation of risks to the natural environment.
This is achieved through promoting a culture in which all personnel share the commitment towards environmental protection, disposing of waste products and the recycling of materials through safe and responsible practices, using resources, including energy and water, responsibly and selection of materials and technologies that promote resource efficiency.

MINPROVISE is committed to providing full, fair and reasonable engagement opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. We aim to foster and develop the employment pool of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander personnel in the regions we work in.
Our workforce consists of people with diverse cultures, backgrounds and skills. This diversity enriches our knowledge, capabilities and experience. We aim to attract, develop and retain people who are highly competent, live the company’s values and actively contribute to the long-term success of the business. Diversity supports this by bringing a broader range of perspectives and ideas which create value for our customers and people.